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The first waterproof boots, ultra-light, warm, and folding market.

The XnowmateThey are versatile bootsthat you can use in thecity, in the countryside, or in the snow.

Youdrivewith them,walkcomfortably, andsave themin very little space.

Developed and designed in Spain

Munich ISPO AWARD for its innovation and quality.

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  • Biomechanical unisex last
  • Flexible structure3 layers:
    • EXTERIOR LAYER: Waterproof and waterproofed outer fabric
    • INTERMEDIATE LAYER: Thinsulate B200 3M insulation light and warm
    • INTERIOR LAYER: Waterproof, breathable, and flexible Nano-Tex thermosealed interior membrane
  • Seamsouter waterproofed.
  • SOLE HYPERGRIP: patented technology for exceptional grip:
    • ICE-LOCK: anti-skid plates on ice
    • SNOW-LOCK: special compound that improves grip on wet surfaces and snow
  • Interior template Thermo Shield: 4 layers, warm, cushioned and ergonomic.
  • Includes backpack to store or transport the boots


The sizes are unisex:

37 24.0 5.5 24.0 4.5
38 24.5 6 24.5 5
39 25.0 7 25.0 6
40 25.5 7.5 25.5 6.5
41 26.0 8 26.0 7
42 27.0 9 27.0 8
43 27.5 10 27.5 9
44 28.0 10.5 28.0 9.5
45 28.5 11 28.5 10
46 29.0 11T 29.0 10T

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Are they waterproof?

Yes, the boots are made with three layers of materials and although it seems that the outside fabric gets wet, do not worry, it's normal. The inner layer is a waterproof membrane with heat-sealed seams, it is impossible for water to come in contact with the foot.

Are they warm?

Yes, the Xnowmate are very warm thanks to the 3 layers they have, one of them being Thinsulate that isolates from the cold and provides heat, and its special design to retain body heat that includes a Thermo Shield insole.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! The sole is sturdy and firm, and the boots have a padded insole. In addition the last has been developed with biomechanical technology so it adapts perfectly to the foot, and are so light that you will walk with surprising comfort.

Are they breathable?

Yes! Thanks to the breathable fabrics used, the water vapor from the sweat is expelled and the feet remain dry and hot ... Get the Chill Out!

What is a Hypergrip sole?

Hypergrip is a technology of soles specially designed to have a great grip and safety in extreme conditions. These soles have two Snow Lock and Ice Lock components.

What is Snow Lock?

It is a new type of special compound in the sole that stays flexible even in conditions of below zero with what improves grip in snow, ice, and wet floors.

What is Ice Lock?

It is a special type of material that is embedded in the sole and that you can see by its striped gray color. It is a patented technology to improve grip on ice.

How do they bend?

Simply fold the part of the cane (the part that is above the ankle) and face one boot with the other with the soles facing out.

What is the backpack for?

The backpack is a great complement. You can put the folded boots inside and carry the backpack to the back.

Can they be washed?

You can, but never in a washing machine, use water and neutral soap by applying on the dirty areas and let them dry naturally without exposing them directly to the sun.

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