The sole does not have muds, Do they have enough grip? The sole is designed to be light and flexible, yet secure. Grooves surrounding the mark having the function of draining water toward the ends. Therefore, and in normal conditions, you will not slip. But as with any shoe, watch in hazardous areas. The sole is very thin, do not I will feel the stones? No, it is a sturdy and solid sole, and also the boots wear a padded insole will make you walk with surprising comfort. Being so light weight as they are, will I get wet? No, the boots are made of three layers of smart materials with an inner waterproof membrane with thermosealed seams, the water will never be in contact with your feet. This has been proof with laboratory test. In the mountains it is very cold, Will I feel cold? No, the Xnowmate Smart Boots are very warm thanks to an insulation layer and special design to retain body heat. They are tested in laboratory uo to 10 degrees below zero being as warm as an standard winter boot. But at the end of ski day if your feet are sweating heavily, can that generate cool? Not with our boots. Thanks to the fabrics we used they are breathable so water vapor is ejected and feet are dry, keeping body heat inside … Get the Chill Out! How do you fold them? Simply fold the part of the rod (the part which is above the ankle) and faces one boot to the other with the soles outwards. Face the toe of one boot against the other’s heel. What is the backpack for? The backpack is a great accesorie. You can put your folded boots inside and wear the backpack around your waist or on your back. You can ski with backpack without any problems and you can get the Xnowmate Smart Boots anytime. But if I wear the backpack on my back, what do I do when catching a lift? When you get to a ski lift just roll the tape and put the backpack on your chest, you can sit comfortably. What do I do with ski boots when I put on my Xnowmate Smart Boots? You can carry them with the backpack: trap the end of the backpack laces with your ski boots closers and hang the bag to the shoulders, so easy! Can I wash the boots? You can, use neutral soap applied on soiled areas and let them dry naturally without exposing to direct sunlight and water. I’ve seen the logo color of the sole wears out, is this normal? Yes, logo painting is biodegradable and it will wear off with normal use. With this process the properties of the out sole do not change.