Vision & History



We believe outdoor footwear must provide good performance but also style, innovation, and convenience

That's why we decided to create Xnowmate - beautiful, light-weight, foldable, warm and waterproof winter boots.

We are independent entrepreneurs focused on making the best products possible with high quality manufacturing, technical know-how, innovative design, and passion

We believe in a global and sustainable world, have presence in Europe and USA, and cooperate with the best professionals in the world, no matter where they are.

Xnowmate, your friend on the snow, is a kind yeti born to make your life easier.  


The Idea

Once upon a time there were two entrepreneurs and skiing lovers in Spain who had a conversation about ski and après-ski boots. How heavy and uncomfortable to walk, especially at the end of the day! There should be an alternative! Why not to try and create an ideal waterproof and folding snow boots?

That´s how we begun. We took the few savings we have had and collected funds from family, friends and looked for someone who could turn the idea into reality. It took 5 series of prototypes in one of the best R&D centers in Europe to achieve the result we were looking for: a new concept of footwear, waterproof, warm, comfortable, very light, unisex ... and foldable. Almost unbelievable, but it worked. 

First two generations

The first Xnowmate were manufactured in Spain in the 2014-2015 season and won an award at the prestigious ISPO Munich for its innovation and quality. It was the first time that such a young Spanish company got this award. We were not so crazy after all.

In the 2017-18 season we reinvented ourselves by incorporating a sole with high end technology to improve grip on ice and snow, and we incorporated a high boot model. 

Soon we began to receive incredible feedback from people all around the globe, people that love to wear Xnowmate. So lightweight, so warm, so comfortable, so convenient. They wear them not only for skiing, also to go outdoors, to photograph the forest at night, to go sailing, even mushing or riding horses, or in cities when snow makes it difficult to walk.

We realized that there was an opportunity beyond ski slopes - a new generation was coming. 

Xnowmate 3.0 

We knew our boots were great for outdoors but honestly, not too nice for cities. Therefore we decided to combine the technology we already had with modern design to create stylish outdoor boots that not only look and feel great, but offer unparalleled performance. This is Xnowmate 3.0, Hybrid Urban and Outdoor Footwear.

In a few months, even before opening this website, Xnowmate 3.0 has been a huge success all around the world. 

Join us and discover yourself why there is no other footwear like Xnowmate.