Xnowmate Boots Beetroot Pink

Modern design and technology combined to create stylish outdoor boots that not only look and feel great but offer unparalleled performance.

There is no other footwear like Xnowmate.

Xnowmate Boots Beetroot Pink
Xnowmate Boots Beetroot Pink
Xnowmate Boots Beetroot Pink
Xnowmate Boots Beetroot Pink
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Thermosealed, 10K full body breathable membrane.


Inner thermal insulating tested 3M Thinsulate B200, tested down to -25ºC.


Materials are lightweight and flexible. Includes carrying sack.


Windproof 100% PES membrane.


Hypergrip and Ice Lock technology ensure maximum stability.


Unisex biomechanical shape, cushioned insole

Hybrid footwear for your life





"They are very comfortable, that moment of putting them on after skiing is amazing, like putting on slippers at home, but waterproof."


"I use my Xnowmate boots a lot. They are easy to get into, and easy to cary with me. If I get cold in my skiing boots, I’ll easy change to Xnowmate during the breaks. Thanks for keeping my feet warm 🙏🏼"


"As good as the sleepers in terms of comfort, easy to put on, and easy to carry, but with the same performance of expensive winter boots: warm, good grip, and totally waterproof. A must in my journeys."


"Xnowmate boots are part of my equipment as a mountain guide in the Norwegian fjords. They are ideal for completing tasks around the cabin, keeping my feet warm at all times and easy to transport given their foldability and lightweight. Surprisingly waterproof, even when crossing muddy and/or waterlogged terrain."