Xnowmate Smart Boots, among the best new Ski and Snowboard tech on the market

We are happy to share a review on the Xnowmate Smart Boots by Digital Trends:

Hitting the slopes? This is the best new ski and snowboard tech on the market

Xnowmates Foldable Boots ($140)

Xnowmate Smart Boots black

These Spanish-made booties aren’t the kind that attach to your skis, but rather regular boots designed with skiers (or boarders) in mind. They’re waterproof and warm, and very light given they weigh less than a pound. They also fold up and slip into a special Xnowbag that doubles as a strap for carrying ski boots. You can wear the Xnowmates to the slopes with the bag supporting your ski boots, swap over to the ski boots and put the foldable Xnowmates in the carry bag, which conveniently doubles as a crossbody. On breaks, you can then switch over to the Xnowmates to stay toasty and give your feet a break. They’d work just as well for anyone that spends hours outside in uncomfortable or drafty footwear.

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