It is our special construction for the upper part of the boot formed by 3 layers of ultra lightweight and breathable textile materials from snow industry engineered to keep your feet dry:

- Waterproof premium membrane

- 3M Thisulate insulation layer

- Cool Max Lining

It is a special type of material that is embedded in the sole and that you can see by its striped gray color. It is a patented technology to improve grip on ice made with fiber glass.

It is a new type of special compound in the sole that stays flexible even in conditions of below zero with what improves grip in snow, ice, and wet floors. It is based in the winter-tires compound, smell the outsole and you will notice it!.

Yes, the boots are made with three layers of materials and although it seems that the outside fabric gets wet, do not worry, it's normal. The inner layer is a waterproof membrane with heat-sealed seams, it is impossible for water to come in contact with the foot.

Yes! Thanks to the breathable fabrics used, the water vapor from the sweat is expelled and the feet remain dry and comfortable in any weather.

Boots are waterproof, however, please do not wash them in the washing machine as the membrane and the waterproofness may lose their benefits. Clean the outside of the shoes with a cloth, with warm water. Do not use chlorine, bleach, or sports cleaning foam as it can damage your shoes. After carefully cleaning your shoes, dry them naturally at moderate temperatures. Don't put your boots too close to direct heat or in a hot room as it could cause damage. The water-repellent material can decrease the efficiency of the shoes after usage. We recommend spraying them with water-repellent spray, which works best after cleaning them. 

We don’t use any kind of leather, feather, or animal material. All materials are synthetic and recycled.

Yes, the insoles are removable and replaceable.

ORDER, payment, AND Shipping

Xnowmate are made with care in Spain (EU). We support local work with excellent working conditions.

We deliver from Sapin or Germany, EU.

We ship to EU, Norway, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

Yes, we cover shipping costs to any country where we sell to.

If our shipping carrier attempts delivery to you and the package returns to our warehouse (either because you’re not there, the wrong address was provided or you moved without notifying us) it will be the buyer’s responsibility to pay a shipping fee to reship the order.

Xnowmate footwear is made by hand in Europe.

If we don't have stock in the color or size you need we will make it for you by pre-order which has many benefits:

  • You will get a fair price.
  • Don’t run out of stock.
  • Reduce waste and pollution.
  • Support the experienced footwear industry in Europe.
  • Fight against unfair labor and discrimination.

Our boots will be made just for you taking care of our planet, be proud of that, you’re buying something unique. 

Learn more at Limited Production

If there is stock in the warehouse when you make the order (you will see the "Add to cart" message in the buying button), you will receive your order in 3-5 workings days in Europe, and 5-10 working days out od the EU.  

Pre-orders: we will need to get all pre-orders together and produce them in summer, so you will receive them by September 21, just when Fall starts.

No, we will not charge VAT if you live outside the EU.

Boots will be sent from Germany, European Union. Therefore, customers who have orders shipped to the European Union will not be charged customs fees.

However, customers who purchase orders outside of the European Union, in some cases, customs fees can be charged and it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for any Import, Duty, VAT, and Customs Fees that may apply for shipping to their country.

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive tracking link via email.


We have a premium return service, no questions asked, no required photos. We trust you.

You will have 15 days from the delivery date to request an exchange or a return.

Exchanges: If you need another size or color we will provide free return labels (EU) and ship the exchange order free of charge. Out of the EU we will offer you return labels at cost price for your convenience and will ship the exchange order free of charge.

Returns: If you don´t want to exchange return labels will be available to buy.

To ask for a return please visit our RETURN SERVICE 

You will need your order number and the email you used when ordering.

Sure, please please email or call +34 919 49 93 80 (English/Spanish)

We offer a two years warranty from the date of purchase against defects in material/workmanship, subject to proof of purchase.

Our warranty policy applies to authentic products purchased only at​

Items not covered by this warranty:

- Products older than 2 years from the date of purchase

- General wear

- Excessive use or misuse/abuse

- Alteration

- Products that have been washed without following our suggestions: in hot water or using washing machines, using bleach, or not using neutral soap, etc.

- Products that have been dried in a tumble dryer or near hot spots such as radiators, etc.

- Products damaged by salt water, sharp stones, spikes, nails, or animals.

Waterproof membrane is considered free of defects in production if in a period of six months after the purchase there has not been any leak inside footwear. After that period any waterproof issue will be considered a result of misuse/abuse and therefore not included in this warranty. 

If, after evaluation, a material or manufacturing defect is found to be the cause of the problem you experienced, we will gladly replace your product if it is still available. If it is not in stock, we will issue a store credit to use on our website. 

For more information on our two years warranty, please contact our customer service team.