Why sizes are cm or inches?

Xnowmate are designed to perfectly fit women and men, they are unisex, so the best way to find your size is measuring your feet´s length as described in Sizing Guide page. If you are in between two sizes choose the bigger one. We have included usual equivalences for kids, women and men, but please, don’t choose according to your standard footwear since all brands have different sizing, the best way is to measure your feet. Some day all brands will do this. If you have any doubt please contact us.

Where are your based?

We are a company based in Spain, with warehouses in Europe (Netherlands) and USA (New York St). We offer worldwide customer support.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we only ship to EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA and Canada. Shipping costs are included in your shopping cart. Duties or customs expenses if any are not covered in any case.

What’s your return/exchange policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of receiving your Xnowmate to arrange for a replacement, exchange, or store credit. Footwear must be in new condition, with no signs of wear, and in original packaging. All returns require a return authorization from Xnowmate Customer Service. We reserve the right to require a photo of the footwear. Please visit returns section for more info.

What’s your warranty policy?

We offer a two-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, which does not include damage caused by misuse, inappropriate use, or normal wear and tear. Faulty product validated under the warranty claim will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Xnowmate. Xnowmate is not responsible for any costs, losses, or damages incurred as a result of returning a product.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, the boots are made with three layers of materials and although it seems that the outside fabric gets wet, do not worry, it's normal. The inner layer is a waterproof membrane with heat-sealed seams, it is impossible for water to come in contact with the foot.

Are they warm?

Yes, the Xnowmate are very warm thanks to the 3 layers they have, one of them being Thinsulate that isolates from the cold and provides heat, and its special design to retain body heat. They have been tested until -25C.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! The sole is sturdy and firm, and the boots have a padded insole. In addition the last has been developed with biomechanical technology so it adapts perfectly to the foot, and are so light that you will walk with surprising comfort.

Are they breathable?

Yes! Thanks to the breathable fabrics used, the water vapor from the sweat is expelled and the feet remain dry and hot ... Get the Chill Out!

What is a Hypergrip sole?

Hypergrip is a technology of soles specially designed to have a great grip and safety in extreme conditions. These soles are very unique and used, for example, in some army boots. These soles have two components: Snow Lock and Ice Lock.

What is Snow Lock?

It is a new type of special compound in the sole that stays flexible even in conditions of below zero with what improves grip in snow, ice, and wet floors. It is based in the winter-tires compound, smell the outsole and you will notice it!.

What is Ice Lock?

It is a special type of material that is embedded in the sole and that you can see by its striped gray color. It is a patented technology to improve grip on ice made with fiber glass.

How do they bend?

Simply fold the part of the leg (the part that is above the ankle) and face one boot with the other with the soles facing out.

What is the backpack for?

The backpack is a great complement. You can put the folded boots inside and carry the backpack to the back or put the backpack inside your luggage after usage.

Can they be washed?

You can, try to avoid using a washing machine, use cold water and neutral soap by applying on the dirty areas and let them dry naturally without exposing them directly to the sun.

Are Xnowmate vegan?

We don’t use any kind of leather, feather, or animal material. All materials are synthetic.